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Bonfire Boost Transparent Clean Boost Pedal was created out of the need for a versatile clean boost. As a touring musician, I was lacking a pedal that could go from an extremely strong clean boost-to a roaring high gain boost. There are many pedals out there that do a good job with clean OR gain, but I was unable to find the tone I was looking for in one dynamic pedal. Enter Bonfire Boost! – Ruvane

Bonfire Boost Features:

∙ Transparent Clean Boost
The “Inferno” setting provides an accurate, distortion-free clean boost for virtually all styles of music.

∙ Adjustable Tone EQ

The “Sizzle” knob provides a tone sweep adjustment knob, which will move from a rounded soft mid/high suitable for jazz and other soft styles, to a middle setting suitable for blues, jam rock etc, all the way to a very boosted high eq for metal and other aggressive styles.

∙ Clean to High Gain
The “Blaze” knob offers a setting from completely clean, to extremely high gain. Your tone preferences will be found easily somewhere in the spectrum.

∙ True Bypass
Offering true bypass switching, you can be assured your guitar’s true tone is being routed directly to the amplifier when the pedal is disengaged.

∙ Super Bright LEDs
3 Super bright LEDs notify you of the pedal being engaged.

∙ Strong Metal Housing and Components
Bonfire Boost is designed with the professional touring and recording artist in mind. Bonfire Boost is housed in a strong metal enclosure, and features robust pots and pedal switch.

∙ Electric or Acoustic
Suitable for electric or acoustic guitar, this pedal will help you carve out the perfect tone.

∙ Power Settings
Bonfire Boost operates with 9v battery. Alternatively, you can connect it to your favorite pedal power source on your board.

1 review for Bonfire Boost Clean Boost Pedal

  1. Reece Specis

    This is one of the best boost pedals I have come across super clean and punchy without killing my tone !!!!

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